Friday, August 15, 2014

Secret Birfday Party

AYLA:  Hey evryone, Saturday Aug 16 [corrected] is Marley's 4th Birfday and he doesn't seem to remember it.  So we are gonna have a surprise party fer him.  Seriously, I asked him what was goin on the next few days an he only mentioned catchin some frogs an lookin fer moles.

So lets catch HIM by surprise this year.  TBT, Iza, an I are planning lots of games, bags, boxes, and collecting moths to release when his cake is presented.  An of course, there will be treats and wand toys werked by TBT.

Don't mention it in comments.  See, he reads comments, but doesnt read the posts WE girlcats write (cuz he assumes it isnt about HIM).

So we want a big surprize fer his 4th Birfday.  An its gonna be a LOT of fun fer all.  So make sure yer transporter tunnel, cubes or whatever are werkin fer teleportin over an hour after Friday starts here.  You'll see our post ta know when it starts.

But keep it quiet fer now so he doesn't suspect...