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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Marley Turns 4!

MARLEY:  Oh man, I FORGOT!  But TBT, Ayla, an IZA set up a great party fer me!

We are gonna have great things goin on today.

Iffen I unnerstand it right, we will have...

Wand stuff,
And foods...  Look at all the foods!

Roast Chicken...
I hear it is baked with lots of NIP!

Let the party BEGIN!!!

UPDATE 7 PM, IZA:   Sorry we dint update earlier, but things been REAL active here.  The party's been rocking all  day and we've met lots of our good friends and some new ones.  There have been box-hopping contests, ladder-climbing races, bag-crashings (run into the bag, and see how far ya can make it slide).  All we "outside-permitted cats" are waiting fer dark in about 30 minnits to go outside mole&vole hunting; Ayla has agreed to stay inside to keep the indoor games going.

UPDATE 9 PM, AYLA:  The outside mole/vole hunt seems to have been a great success!  The recent heavy rain got the moles digging near the surface again, and that always gets the voles digging their little holes out the tops of the mole tunnels.  So Marley an Iza helped the guests find holes ta watch over and "out they came" lookin fer seed and tender plants ta eat.

I bet none of the voles EVER expected ta find 20 cats waiting around the yards at their (usually safe)exits.  Well not THIS time!  10 voles (and 2 really surprized moles) were caught and (mostly) shared.  Enough were brought inside by kindly experienced hunters (who knew they could catch more at home) to excite the inside cats.  

They were brought to "The Tub".  With the stopper closed by THT, they had no where ta escape, so the kitties who weren't esperienced with them had a chance to make a catch.  One kitty an one vole at a time... There was sure some heavy breathin among those making their first "real mousie" grab!  It was trickier than they thought, but the ecitement will never be forgot. 

UPDATE 10:30 PM, TBT:  I have to admit, I have never seen SO MANY WONDERFUL kittys in one place at one time.  I've sure stayed busy keeping enough food around, working the wand toys, keeping the litter boxes cleaned, and judging the constant games of ladders, boxes, and bags.

And now I am pleased to announce the Birthday Staircase Race.  This one is tricky.  It starts in the basement, goes up 1/2 stair, and does a U-Turn up another 1/2 stair, and ends in the kitchen beyond the stair where I am waiting looking at a line in the floor.  And watch out for the doormat, it can skid under you!

 A whistle starts the race (where Iza is holding her paw across the racers until she get my whistle).  

The results will be announced later (as I assume there will be complaints and claims of cheating to sort out). 

Update midnight, Marley:  First, TBT announces that while there were 12 cats crowded up at the top of the staircase race, he has to say that 3 crossed the kitchen line in a dead heat!  He says congrats to Flynn, Pilch, and Mariodacat!  You are allowed up on the table to receive yer treat awards!

But I must say that all good days come to an end and it is Midnight here.  So we are  closing down my Birfday Party for this year.  Ayla an Iza have kindly agreed ta stay up fer a while and guide any late-comers to the leftovers, but TBT an I are worn out from all the ecitement an are goin ta bed now.  But as a final Birfday prezzie, I am gonna go unner the covers and he an I will sleep together far past daybreak!

Thank you all for helping me celebrate my surprise Birfday Party!  I should be back after a dayful of sleepin...