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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thank You All

MARLEY:  I'm about ready ta go ta bed after the great pawty, but before I do, THANKS are in order...
I have to thank my Sisfurs an TBT fer surprising me with a Birfday Pawty.  It was grand.

But I mostly want to thank every kitty who attended the pawty or sent good wishes to me on my special day!  It wouldnt have been a pawty without you. 

The ladder-climbing races, the box-hopping, the bag-crashing, oh those were SO good!  An I am SO HAPPY you all enjoyed the foods and drinks too.  And the stairway race was something special ta watch. 

My thanks also to those who brought mousies, moths, and special other foods and treats.  They were all so wunnerful ta play with.

And my thanks to the MO Bein who used my picture on the CB Linky on my Birfday; that made my tail stand proud!

I think you all made it my BEST day ever (well, excepting my Gotcha Day, of course, who doesn't remember THAT day best).  But for a day other than that, THIS was surely the BEST!  My BEST Birfday ever!