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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Im doin the Garden Tour today, cuz Iza wants ta nap in.  She was up playin all night (we think there was Nip involved).
Plus, I think she dint know how ta describe stuff this week cuz its mostly like last week.  Well, she missed some stuff!  The Coneflowers are beginnin ta look a little damaged by storms and bugs, but they are still open.
There are butterflies on their butterfly bushes.  We havent seen as many this year though.
There is this one small shrub with bloo flowers that are open now.  I dont know the name of it.
The Crocosmia are still bloomin with the Black Eye Susans.   Theyre pretty together.
A couple of the new-planted Impatiens are bloomin already, with more having buds on them.
And the new-planted Coleus are sendin out larger leafs, so that should be a lot purpler soon!
But Iza REALLY forgot about the Hostas.  This one is our favrit, called Paul's Glory.
 An we like this one a lot too, called June.
Lime green really stands out!
An there are big ferns around the hostas, too.
The smelly  fragrant Lily is down to the last few petals of the last flower fer the year.  We'll miss it.
The bigger patch of all-volunteer Black-Eye Susans is lovely.  They are doin better than the ones TBT planted deliberately, so we guess they know best where they want ta grow.
We're not sure just what THIS one is.  It might be a type of perennial sunflower TBT planted some years ago.  If so, its been hiding for a while.  Or it might just be a relatively nice weed.  It does look kinna like a wild Daisey.
An finally, the 1st of the Asters has bloomed.  There will be lots more of they in a couple weeks.
Now, lets go get snacks up on the deck!  I wonder what TBT is bringin out today?  Um, OOH, chunks of roast chick-hen, some cheese-flavor chewy treats, some Meowgaritas, and (sniff, sniff) Shrimp Broth!  Lets get right at it!

Thanks so much fer comin on the garden tour this week...