Friday, August 22, 2014

Quiet Today

THE MEWS:  We had a humorous Freaky Friday post for today, but we have moved it along the calender.  We hope you will understand it is a week old when you see it.  There is a reason.

We are staying quiet today for Sparkle.  We are sure you know her.  She is quickly fading from our world from Chronic Renal Failure, something we cats know too much about.

Sparkle is one of The Special Ones among us.  Always there to give good advice, there to pose for the good picture, there to help others in need.  She will be missed. 

TBT here:  My Dear Skeeter left my world with the same problem.  I suspect I know what Sparkle and her Bein(s) are going through in these last days.  Shutting down is hard for both cats and their Persons.

So no real post today, no pictures.  Just quiet waiting.  I trust you all understand.

Mark, Ayla, Iza, and Marley