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Monday, September 08, 2014

Belated Blogoversary Pawty!


We feel pretty stupid missing our own blogoversary on August 25th, but we can blame TBT fer THAT. He got all funky and wanted to stay away from the computer at just the wrong time.

However, we will let bygones be bygones and go along from THERE.

And "THERE" means a BIG party for the Blogoversary he made us miss!  So late or not, we're having a pawty.

And how many Blog years you ask?  8 years.  Now, we'll be honest, it didn't start with anny of us.  WE are all younger than the blog.  Even the oldest of us here (Ayla, at 6 whole years here) is a few years short of the start.  It was Skeeter and LC who started it.

So the pawty is partly ta celebrate both Skeeter and LC who started it and we who have continued it.    Well, that DOES get us all involved, and that's good.

So we have early pictures of Skeeter.  That remote is only 6" long...  We still have it.
And LC on one of her first days...  She was a skinny kitty then.

And of us...  Ayla as a kitten...
Iza was not so happy about being here at first. She hid unner the bed fer a few days.  This was her 3rd house in about 6 months (born in one, bought as a Queen by another, then here).  She was probably wondering if this one was her real home.  Well, yes, it is.

Marley was right out there though...
He came right out and went to work calming the house.  Some cats know their purpose in life, and Marley is one of them.  When there is a hiss between Ayla an Iza, Marley moves right in between them to keep the peace.  And if the doorbell rings, Marley moves right to the top of the stairs and growls.  Peacekeeper and guardian both.

Marley came here from the house of a Very Nice Lady who was gifted him by friends who got him for her as a Christmas gift from a shelter, and she discovered she was allergic to cats.  So she set out to find him a new home.  A blogging friend knew TBT was looking for a friendly orange/white male cat, saw Marley on Claigslist, and let us know about him.  So he's here.

Now that we are caught up to us now, let's have a pawty!

Yeah its belated by 2 weeks, but TBT owes us an we WANT it.  But we don't wanna just do the same party that Marley just had fer his Birfday a month ago ago, so lets make it differnt!

THIS time, we are gonna search out the good hiding/napping places all through the house, pop open the door ta the foods an see what we can steal, go down ta the basement and wreck stuff, fill up the litter boxes, make up our OWN games, an trash the house.

Cuz TBT promised ta just STAY BUSY fer all day an let us all do whatever we want.  He knows there will be a mess ta clean up, and he says that's OK.  But we better REALLY do it cuz he isnt likely ta allow it again fer a long time.

So bring frogs and grasshoppers, release moths, tear up the toilet paper, claw up the inside door mats, etc.

We've earned it.  And TBT is leaving a lot of good foods out.  The usual party fare - ham chicken, shrimps, Nip, drinks, etc...

Its our 8th Blogoversary Pawty, and 8 seems like a lot!  And it's BELATED!  So lets REALLY blast it out!