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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Fence Fun

MARLEY:  First, we wanna thank evryone who came to our belated Bologoversary Pawty.  It was a huge success - TBT is STILL cleanin up from it!

Second, I got up on the fence today.  I CAN easily enough, I just dont very often.  Its more Ayla's territory than mine.

Fergive the blurry pictures.  TBT was takin them from far away an I was running some.
I have ta think about jumpin down from these posts.  Thats a pretty skinny top.  Ayla goes up an over them like a skwerl.  I dont know how she does it!
In fact, I dont even wanna go over that next one.  I think I'll just sit here an enjoy the view into the woods...
Although, there is something about that tree that makes me want ta jump over onto it.  But Ive never climbed a tree and it probly isnt the best idea ta start from UP on one.  Ayla says gettin DOWN is trickier than getting up.
Mebbe some OTHER time...