Thursday, September 18, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, after a few weeks away, I sure have some stuff to show you today.  First, the only undeliberately planted black eye susans are the longest-lasting ones.  I guess they know where they want to be.
The Autumn Joy Sedums are starting to develop their Fall color.  They will be brick red in a few more weeks.  I have to admit, they are my favorite plants.  They seem unkillable and live forever.
The Asters are blooming.  I KEEP telling TBT to make some thing to hold them upright, but he never does.  So they sort of fall over.  I like the flowers though.
The Brunerra live long too,  They have been there all MY life.  TBT is considering DARING to divide them this year.  I'm of two thoughts about them.  One thought says, YEAH, lets have more.  The other thought is "don't mess with happy plants".   But OMG, wouldnt enough of them finally make a great border?
Let's see, whats goin on here?    Toads!  
I dont bother toads.  So let's move on...
The Zinnia patch is going crazy.  The black eye susans are flopping over them a bit, but they look great.
If you see what I mean...   White ones surrounded by orange.  TBT says next year we will have yellow and orange.  Or mebbe  PINK.  Cool!
 But I do like these.  Do you?
 Here we can see the OTHER Asters .  I like both the red ones and the lilac ones.  But these would look better upright.
The black eye susans sure are looking good against the orange zinnias...
And the white ones.
 The Autun Joy Sedums are getting to theit best.  They will get redder soon, but I think I like them pink.  TBT says he likes them redder.    We agree to disagree.
Marley is out here with me more often than I mention.    Mostly cuz he is a bit camera-shy outside. But he felt  OK about it today, so here he is.
A random look back at the new deck.  We are really loving it.
The Golden Rods are starting to bloom.
Marley and me are going in our own directions  He wants to catch a mice...  
But watch him carefully.  He's good at it.
 But he feels awkward when stared at, so lets continue.
The coleus bed is doing well.  Considering they were planted late.
And we all love the impatiens. They are starting to flower a lot lately.
Well, I like to sit on the garden path near the black eye susans.  I think I like them best.
 Hmm, just looking around here...
Runnin back to the lawn...  To stay in touch with you all.  Sorry, Im running here, blurrified..
Now lets see what Ayla an TBT have set out fer us on the deck...

OMG, shredded ham!  And shrimp juice!   And today, he is tossing around kibbles!  Catch them if you can!  And we have crushed new Nip leafs...  OMG...

And thank you all for coming along on our garden tour!