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Friday, September 19, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Kittehs it doesnt get worse than this.   TBT tried to write a poem for the Day an stopped after an hour of writig the first few lines.  He sure isn't a swashbuckling poet!

He managed:

"Aye, the Jolly Roger’s hopeless crew we be,
Hapless lad and lassies three
An on our ship we must abide
TBT’s orders, rot our hide!

We’d do the mut’ny dear old friends,
But BT says that’s where it ends
Of  all the kibbles tossed and caught
So our mutiny come to not.

And worse, ya scurvy swags, we see,
The Lap would somehow not to be." 

and at that point we bit his ears until he stopped trying.

SOME THINGS are not meant to be...

So scupper him mateys, we are gonna go with a previous year fer old time sakes...  We'll werk out how ta keelhaul him later.. 

Meow Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy, Mateys - The crew of the Brigand "Cat Tree" here!  We be sailin the seas alookin fer Booty, Nip, an Treats...  Our fair ship, she be able ta run down and heave to anny vessal whats got those precious things!

See our proud beauty, me hearties...

Aye, here be a closer view of our beauty vessel, if ye dare get so close.  Thar be Captain Mousebreath Marley at the helm, Bloody Princess Ayla in the Crows Nest, an BilgeRat Iza down below guardin the treasure chest.
Now its off ta the port ta get loaded ta the gunwales on Nip Grog an seek sprogs ta man the ship!

Happy "Talk Like A Pirate" Day Matey's...