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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deck, and Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  First, we got a comment from Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs about why there was a mailbox attached to our deck.  Some others of you might have wondered too.

Well, TBT likes to find unusual uses fer things, and he got tired of searching around in the shed fer his small gardening tools.  So one day while he was getting the mail, it occurred ta him that mailboxes are really just nice little weatherproof boxes.  So... he attached one to the old deck (and moved it to the new deck) to hold hose nozzles, snap-on couplers, plumbers tape, etc.  And there is one out in the back veggie garden to hold trowels, hand-weeders, pruners, dirt knives, etc.  They are very handy!

Now, fer Easy Like Sunday, I am takin my Easy Morning Nap in the laundry hamper.  Warm clean cloths are nice and all, but old worn cloths have a certain familiar smell to them.  Sort of like nappin on TBTs lap, but these dont move around anny.

I dont know where Marley an Iza are right now; outside probly.

Hope you all have a good Easy today!