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Monday, September 22, 2014

Mancat Monday, and An Invitation

MARLEY:  Well I caught the WEERDEST litle thing a day ago.  It wasn't a mousie and it wasn't a baby mole.
TBT rhinks it is a baby opposum, but he has never seen one before.  Its the snout, he says.  But it wasn't very different from a mousie to us, so we nommed it real good.

But TBT has something ta mention separate from that so I turn it over ta him.

"Friends, I am trying to plan a luncheon of all cat/doggie bloggers in the Washington DC area in late October.  So if you happen to be in the area then or want to attend a luncheon with others, let me know.  I'm planning it at a reasonably nice Chinese restaurant for October 26th, but we will see who can come when.

Just mentioning it...

Back to the Mews.

Hmph,  I think my possum capture just got overtooked by Bein stuff!  Oh well.  It was a good Mancat Monday annyways.