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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Im representin us fer the Easy Like Sunday today.  Marley an Iza are outside today already not takin it as Easy as me.  So I gotta do More Easy ta make up.

Im nappin in the doggie bed.  TBT thought it would be Just Right fer 3 kittehs, but so far we have never all 3 been in there.  In fact, not 2 of us.  In fact, only me. 
 Thats OK with ME.  I love this thing.  I choose places ta nap about once a week each.  Huh?  Oh, I mean I find a place ta nap and stick with that spot fer about a week, then find another favrit place for the next week.
And, of course ya gotta get up, stretch and reverse yer nappin positions sometimes.  Iffen ya stay in one spot too long, yer muscles get funny-feelin.
This thing really IS a doggie bed.  Ya can tell by the cloth bone in the cushion.  Since there is no doggie smell on it, I really dont care WHO it is designed fer.  All I care about is that it is THICK and SOFT!

I'll go outside later, but fer now, its EASY time.

Have a great Easy, y'all...