Monday, September 29, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Im watching the ivy patch near the birdiefeeder fer mousies.  They like the cover of the ivy leafs and the spilled seeds from the birdiefeeder.  They think it is perfect fer them.  I think its purrfect fer ME!  I just wait an watch fer leaf movements.
An I lissen too.  When ya close yer eyes, yer hearin gets better.  Sometimes I find them better by sounds.
An some prey grabs my attention in An Unexpected Direction!
I go into pounce position, all focussed.  Can ya guess whats gonna happen next?
A HUGE mousie comes into view!!!  It cant see me with my natural camoflage orange an white colors against the green ivy.  This is a rare opportunity.
AND I POUNCE!  I am on top of the mousie, though it struggles a bit.   In fact, it struggles a LOT. 
Er, in fact, it is a little too big fer me ta dispatch.  It must not be a mousie after all.  Mebbe its a RAT.  TBT has told me they can get quite LARGE!  I think mebbe I better leave this one alone.  It had claws an teef a lot like mine...
I better go back an lissen fer the smaller ones again...