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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Toungie Tuesday

IZA:  So lets see. I've done toesies, tummies, an whiskers recently.  Time fer something new. 


When I am MOST relaxed on TBT's lap, I like ta groom my furs.  He loves watchin it too.  Win-Win!
TBT's flashy-box is usually REALLY slow, but he is gettin to where he can click it BEFORE the picture he wants.  Well, actually, he is no more skilled that last year, but he gets lucky sometimes iffen he gets to take ENOUGH pictures, an I was doin a LOT of grooming.  Luck counts!
Pee Ess, if the closeups the past couple months have looked better, its because WE keep remindin TBT ta use the "macro" setting.  We are, of course, responsible fer ALL good pictures here...

We dont TAKE them, but he would never take a good one without us tellin him how...