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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well,  I seem to have recovered from the special effects yesserday (and it did feel weerd), so lets see what is is going on in the gardens!

Lets just walk along the path...
 And stay close friendcats, Marley has been pouncey lately...  He gets funny in the Fall sometimes.
The Zinnias TBT planted late are at their best right now.  The white ones surrounded by the orinj ones are nice.  I am recommending he plant something very differnt next year.  We have had 2 years of zinnias.  Big red salvias mebbe?
The Autumn Joy Sedum are gaining redness each week.  They will all be brick red soon.  
The red Asters are blooming...  They flop over a bit.
The cultivated goldenrods are doing nicely right now.  Don't worry, they won't make you go all sneezy.   Thts caused by ragweed, which grows in the same places an blooms at the same time.  We dont have ragweed here.

The pink Asters are also bloomin.  TBT says he will divide and spread them next year.  Right, like he ever gets around ta that stuff.  But one can hope...
Get a good close up look...
They ARE pretty.
The Imptiens are filling in nicely and bloomin well...

And I see the Coleus are doin pretty good too. 
This big box is good fer rubbin on.  Go ahead, I dont mind the smell of friends. In fact, we LIKE it.
Now lets see. where shall we have our treats?  Well, the deck is all shady now, let's go up there an see what Ayla has prepared...

OMG, Its some of TBTs chinese food!  Dont worry, its not spicy.  Lets see, roast pork in pork sauce, chicken in chickeny sauce.  OH and theres the fresh Nip leafs next to the Meowgaritas.  Wow, she outdid herself this time.  I hope TBT doesnt notice he is missing the meat from his dinner.

But thats HIS problem.  He leaves the containers open and (ahem) meat happens fer US.

Paw in friends!  And thanks fer coming along on our Garden Tour.