Saturday, October 04, 2014

Unclothed Female In Afternoon Sunlight

IZA: I dont routinely pose deliberately.  And iffen I had known that TBT wanted ta call this "Nude In Sunlight", I wouldnt have yesserday.
 But he agreed afterwards not to call these pictures THAT.
So its OK.  I think.
The afternoon sunlight on my furs felt GOOD.  The days are getting a little chilly.  Down ta 72F today...
Last one, right?  I can go now?  There are mousies ta catch!
[Yes you can go hunt mousies now Iza.  But I AM titling this "Unclothed Female In Afternoon Sunlight"!  HAHAHA]

IZA:  Youll PAY for this!!!  I have claws...