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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to this weeks garden tour!  We'll start on the deck.  The Caladiums are still growin.  The cold nights will get them pretty soon though.
The Autumn Joy Sedum are about as dark red as theyre gonna get.  Which means they will move on ta brown soon.
When ya look close up, ya can see each "flower" is actually 100s of tiny ones.   Im not sure what the little flowers do; I never see anny buggies on them.
This is one of the last butterfly bush flowers.  We dint have many butterflies this year.  TBT read that it was like that all around here.  So at least it wasnt somethin WE did wrong.
The last of the Goldenrods too.  They had LOTS of insect visitors this year.
The Zinnias are hangin in there real good.  We expect they last until the first hard freeze which will be several weeks from now at least.  We will definitely be doing more Zinnias next year  Mebbe with red Salvia fer a differnce in flowers.
 Lets see, where next?   Oh yeah, unner the deck!
The Impatiens are also continuin ta do well.  They would be thicker with flowers iffen they hadnt been planted so late.  We'll do them earlier next year.  And mebbe mix the colors all up.
Heres the Coleus we planted alongside the Impatiens .  Purrsonally, I think all-purple is a little boring, but they ARE unusual.  I like walkin along the walltop next ta them
The Hydrangeas are all green-flowered now.  They go from white ta green ta dead...
Our Catnip plants are doin great.  We have 6 or 7 around the yard.  They pop up in random places each year.

Well, there was more ta show than I thought!  Now lets gather round up on the deck an enjoy some snacks and drinks.  I wonder what we have today..  Ooh, bacon bits, some cheese bits, and some hard-boiled egg bits.  Looks like TBT cooked too much breakfast  (or else he made extra just fer us today).  And it looks like we've got Catmint smoothies or chicken juice ta drink.  Wow!

Thanks fer coming on this weeks garden tour friends...