Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Hidey Hole

TBT here:  It's going to be too rainy/wet today for a Garden Tour, so I'll fill in myself and let the Mews nap.  You are welcome to join them BTW.  Lots of room on the waterbed.

The Hidey Hole is a bit unusual, and we haven't mentioned it for a while, so let me explain about it.

When I moved here, there was an empty corner in the kitchen for a table.  I didn't need that, but I sure needed more counter and cabinet space.  So I added some.  It was easier than you might think.
Forgive the clutter.  I get too busy to take out only what I need at the time, so things tend to stay out.  But I'll add some descriptions of stuff.

Top row, Chafing dish, Grden Harvest Basket, Ham Roaster on Turkey Platter, and marinating tupperware container, large sieve, on gorgeous glazed serving bowl.

Middle:  Microwave on MDF shelf (to free up counter space).

Countertop:  Left to Right - Ginzu knives (they really ARE good) and behind those are cannisters of rice, egg noodles, and lasgna noodles.  Toaster, Breadman II, Eukanuba kibbles (treats for mine), sunflower placemat I'm straightening, ceramic green tea bag holder, various kitchen tools,and pizza shovel on the wall.  Cat food bowls on the floor in non-skid holders (Iza could move a food bowl from the kitchen to the basement otherwise).  The empty bowl holder is Ayla's because she has decided she wants to eat up on the shoe rack mostly, but acts insulted if there isn't a bowl holder in HER spot in the kitchen. 

The possibility of the cabinet addition was probably anticipated in the design of the kitchen, since a standard 60"x26" counter fits perfectly in the space.  But I have floor vents and the new cabinets would have closed off the vent, so I made a cutout at the bottom of the kick space to let air flow out.

Every new kitten who has come here (from Skeeter to Marley) has almost immediately discovered this Cave Of Safety.  Skeeter spent his first 3 days hiding in there (he was utterly traumatized by loud noisy renovations at the little pet store I found him at).  I pushed bowls of food and water in there for him until he came out.  And oh boy, that took some awkward cleaning up afterwards!!!

LC hid in there for only 1 day, and Ayla, Iza, and Marley each took their turn hiding in there until they got used to the sounds/smells/activities of the house.

Ayla, being small, still goes in there for occasional privacy to this day.  I considered once putting a screen to cover it, but then decided "Why"?  Iza can't get in there anymore, but Marley can with a bit of effort (on his side).  And even Ayla has to "bellywalk" out, so it isn't a good pouncing spot.  Any cat coming out is more likely to GET pounced than to pounce themselves.

I do occasionally have to scoop out some cat toys from the Hidey Hole.  Ayla will sometimes bring in her favorite old cloth mousie toy when she goes in there, but mostly it is Iza who whaps one in and then can't retrieve it.

I made a "toy retriever" years ago when the previous refrigerator had enough space under it for toy mousies to get lost under.  Its a simple thing of 1/4" plywood 1" wide and 18" long with a 2" piece glued to the end.  I use it now to scrape out toys in the hidey hole and under some low furniture.

But that's the origin of the Hidey Hole...