Sunday, October 19, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  After Brunch, we were all sittin by the door waitin ta go out.
It looked pretty good, all sunny.
With the leafs dancin around...
Iza an I were patient, but Marley was looking all around, worried that he was missin out on mousie hunting.
 He finally turned an asked TBT ta just "let us out, already".
Which he did and Marley charged out.  We both stuck our nosies out first.  Well, we discovered WHY the leafs were dancin around.  It was WINDY.  So we both stayed inside.  Iza an I dont much like the wind unner our tails.

Marley can stand out there in the wind iffen he wants, but Iza an I are takin it Easy inside...