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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Flashback

AYLA:  We dint do annything innerestin today, so we looked back at older posts on this date.  We found this one with lots of pictures from 2007...


SKEETER and LC: Its all drizzly and wet outside. The Big Thing is happy about that, but we aren't. LC sneaks out for a little bit, but she comes back in wet an icky. So, we took some pictures of things we like to do inside.

We sleep mostly. Sometimes together...

And sometimes alone.

We eat...

We wait by the door to get out (or at least to sniff out).

We sit aroun waiting for the rain to stop.

We play with toys (too hard to get a action picture).

Skeeter sits on The Big Thing for chin scritches until he (or both of them) falls asleep.