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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Taily Tuesday

MARLEY:  I know, I know...  This is SPOSED ta be Tummy Tuesday but I pretty much used up the Tummy shots Sunday.  So today is the tale of a tail.

Well, does YOUR tail seem ta have a mind of its own?  Mine does.

I was just nappin on TBTs lap, and my tail started tappin my neck.  Annoyin, but it does that.  I told it ta stop.
But it DINT!
So I started ta grab at it ta calm it down.  IT FOUGHT ME!  I hadda take drastic measures...
I was about ta put the Bitey on it, but TBT said that probly wasnt a good idea.  OK, TBT usually gives me good advice. 

I'll just hold on ta it fer a while until it stops moving...

Now back ta my nappin...