Thursday, October 30, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to our garden tour this week!  We can start with the Autumn Joy Sedum  I think this is about as dark as it gets.  Probly by next week they will have gone from brick red to brick brown!
The Nandina bushes are full of berries this year...  I assume the birdies eat them, but Ive never seen it happen.
The Zinnias are still flowering. ..
But the cold nights are startin ta thin them out some.
The Impatiens are doin good.  The patio and cinder block wall probly keep them a little warmer than the Zinnias.
The Hydrangea still have a few flowers in bloom.  It will be time ta snip off the old dead ones soon though.
Well, lets have some snacks up on the deck.  The sun is shinin on it in the afternoon now that a lot of the tree leafs are fallen, so its nicely warm.  I wonder what Ayla chose today.  Ooh, shredded poached chick-hen!  Very nice.  And with warm Nip Smoothies...

Thanks fer comin on our garden tour...