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Monday, November 03, 2014

Mirror Monday

AYLA:  We had all been stuck inside fer a couple days cuz it was drizzly and windy, so I told TBT yesserday that I wanted him ta document my Window Dance.  I have this special windersill that is just fer ME!  Its high enough that Iza cant jump to it at ALL, and while Marley CAN jump to it, he doesnt cuz its too narrow fer him to sit at all comfy.

So heres my Window Dance in celebration of My Special Spot!  First, I give him a head bump ta let him know Im ready...
I look outside fer birdies,
Put my right paw out,
Show off how slender I am,
Do a good cat-arch,
 (Make sure TBT is getting all this),
Then put my left paw out.
Sometimes I change the order of the dance steps, but that was the routine fer the day...