Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Blogblast For Peace, Vote


We got caught a bit by surprise this year, and we dont have a werking Photoshop Elements at the moment, so we went into the archives...

We liked this one the best.
May we all have Peace, and Prosper.
TBT was talkin to us about this idea of peace today.  He mentioned that his old Gramma used to say that iffen any aliens landed on Earth, she would be the first ta volunteer ta go with them*.  He says he might wait a bit to check them out, but iffen they were friendly, he would offer them cherry jelly donuts with sprinkles (after making sure that wasnt poisonous to them).  Mebbe some Nip, too.

*Gramma turned 19 at the end of WWI, so she knew how horrible war could be.  She figured anny aliens what could get here would either be very peaceful (to manage such a feat of travel) or too damn powerful to fight against iffen they were mean.  So she thought we should assume peace and hope for the best.  We agree, but we think we better start with the peace here first, before the aliens arrive...

There is another important matter for today.  US Elections.
We have our preferences (even as cats), but our preferences dont matter (well, TBT does vote with thoughts of all of us here in mind).  And his may not be yours.  But he an we think that evryone who CAN, SHOULD vote.

Vote early and often!  [What, TBT, you can only vote once?]  Oh!  Well, then vote once an tell yer neighbors what dont agree with you that election day was yesserday.  [What now?  Thats not fair either?  Geez you Beins have a lot of rules...]

OK, go vote just once!  But do vote!


8 AM UPDATE:  TBT just got back from voting.  We double-checked his sample ballot and he voted just like we told him.  We even made him show us the "I Voted" sticker to be sure he wasnt just out  carousing at the bowling alley...