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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to our garden tour!
Im afraid there isnt much left ta show.  The Impatiens are still blooming...
But the Zinnias all died suddenly.
There is some scrub sapling that snuck in behind the Nandinas that is a pretty red color .  TBT will have ta dig it out of there before it gets bigger.
But there is promise for next year.  TBT completed another garden box.  He has 2 more ta build and he better get at it before the soil freezes.
Lets see what we have fer snacks today...  Its a little chilly today, so I suspect we will have something warm.  Ahh, heated chick-hen cubes, heated chick-hen broth with Nip leaves, and chewy teats!  Sounds good ta ME!

Thanks fer coming on our Garden Tour this week.  It may be the last one of the year...

Correction:  treats "chewy TREATS"  OMC!

Thank you Spitty...