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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  We are a bit late posting today cuz, well, there is no Garden Tour today and we werent sure what ta post about.  All the garden stuff is dead.  The last of the Impatiens died after the last few freezing nights.

But TBT did find somethin fer me ta do.  Ya know I keep looking up at the shoe rack longingly cuz TBT feeds Ayla up there most times an I always figure there is some food up there.  But I cant jump that high.  So TBT decided ta lift me up there ta check fer myself.  He's done that once or twice before.  But this time a found something.  A few dried crumbs.
 I ate them.  But all was not lost!  I found a loose shoe lace ta play with.
 TBT dint mind iffen I bite them a few times, they are pretty sturdy ones.
But when I started ta actally start tryin ta eat one...
He put me back down on the floor again!