Friday, November 21, 2014

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  We are allus anxious ta get outside each day ta discover what happened overnight.  Sometimes there are cool things like birdicides against the deck door, new piles of leaves, and smells of OTHER ANIMALS.

Well, we sure dint expect what we found THIS morning!  3/4 of a doughnut with sprinkles...

TBT figured that some scavenger had brought it up on the deck and left it in trade fer the dedded cardinal we left there.  But then we noticed the dedded cardinal was still there (moved a bit but uneaten).  And MORE weerd, there was a 2ND half-eaten doughnut on the deck.  There was more than one whole donut!

So we thought about that fer a bit.  And none of us had any good ideas.  Even TBT was baffled.  So we all decided ta have a brain thunder [TBT:  That's a "brainstorm", Ayla]  Oh thunder, storm, WHATevers...  Annywhosits, we concluded:

1.  Donut-munchin Beins had been looking in our deck door and got scared off when we entered the room but dint see them.

2.  A donut-loving raccoon (or somethin) had come by and dropped his donut when he saw the dedded birdie but decided he dint want either of them [TBT: Ayla, that only explains one donut]

3.  Argg.  OK  TWO raccoons came by (or one with 2 donuts - this is getting complexicated).

4.  The dedded birdy was frozen to death and some friends brought sprinkles and they were all stuck to donuts (the sprinkles, not the friend).  [TBT:  Ayla, the Northern Cardinal can't carry a half a donut]

5.  Argh, maybe several of his friends helped.  WILL you shut UP TBT!?  I'm trying to solve a mystery here. 

6.  The raccoon (or whatever) brought a friend and they BOTH had more than a half a donut with them.

7.  The donuts were left there by a neighboring cat ta confoose us (that MY best theory so far).

8.  Yogi Bear had a sloppy picinic on our deck.

9.  Santa was making a trial run and was bulking up on donuts and got sloppy right over our house.

10.  Dunkin Donuts was testing out a new delivery drone and there was a delivery failure. 

11.  The Moon poops donuts and this was the first time one (two) landed HERE!

12.  TBT is funnin us [TBT:  Nope, haven't eaten or bought a donut in a decade and sure not with pink icing and sprinkles]

13.  We were "TP'd by some donut pranksters.

14.  Something we havent thought of yet.  Thats the lame idea of all the others here.  (see MY idea #7)

Anny thoughts from the Cat Blogosphere?