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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Not So Easy Sunday

Well, we SORT of had an EASY Sunday, cuz we lay around a lot, but it wasnt a HAPPY easy.  TBT just wasnt payin us much attention...

We went out briefly today, but then he called us back inside cuz he needed to mow the leafs.  Only he got in a bad mood and was grumbling in an out of the house.  The battery on the mower had died.  And so had the portable power pack fer jumping batteries.  So he dragged a real car battery out ta the shed and THAT dint werk, so he dragged another out and THAT dint werk.  So he left it hooked up ta the mower and after a few times it barely werked enough to start the mower.

So he spent the afternoon mowin up the leafs over an over until (amazingly) they had all disappeared into the grass!

So he finally came in an fussed some more with the new old laptop.  He only wants it so we can all visit our friends from the comfy TV room instead of being stuck in the puter room where there is no good places fer us ta sit except ON TBT.

He been trying ta figure out how ta get the laptop werking right.  All the sites we tried ta visit said they were untrustworthy, and he couldnt neither get our feedly reader list on the laptop either.

But he finally poked around the system preferences and got SECURITY werkin and the clock werking right which fixed the untrustworthy site problem.  And then he figured out how to get at our feedly account too.  He thought the reader list was on the desktop computer, but it is at feedly.  So he signed in there and up it popped!

So we think we can start visitin from the main TV room with the comfy chairs and other good spots.

But later...  He and us gotta have dinner first (an his takes a while).