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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Day

May all of you who celebrate today have awesomely good foods!  And well, all of you who dont, too!

We are thrilled.  TBT is cooking a real turkey this year AND he is leavin part of it all unspiced just fer US!

8PM UPDATE! Well, it took TBT 6 hours ta cook our turkey out in the smoker for 3 hours (and finish it inside the oven fer 3 hours more, but we gotta admit it was DELISH.  And it was a gradual feast...

First, we got the gizzard all poached and cooled, all minced up about 2PM.  Then around 4 PM, we got the gizzard water along side a thin slice of outside cooked turkey breast all pulled into strips TBT took off just fer us.  Then when he finally had the turkey the way HE wanted it around 7PM, we got to have MORE turkey (this time from the leg) AND he gave us gravy to lick off from a special spoon he get just fer us.

THREE turkey meals/tastes all in ONE day!  

OK, ya may wonder why we were so thrilled ta lick gravy from a spoon.  Well, sad as it seems, we KNOW who controls the food around here and it aint US!  But we get plenty of the good stuff from his plate and we aint gonna bite the horse that feeds us (or something like that (metaphors are not our strong point)!

And with just him and US and a 12 pound turkey all cooked, we are gonna get plenty of it over the next few days...