Friday, December 05, 2014

Freaky Friday

We could barely see some bright lights out our window, so we asked TBT ta go take some pictures so we could see what they were.  He said he had seen the cause a few days ago, but would take some pictures so we could see what they were.

We were AMAZED!  A neighbor has their house lit all up.  It sure surprised US, so we are showing a few of the pictures for Freaky Friday.  Granted, TBT says he has seen this sort of thing both a LOT, and brighter, but it amazed US...  An that's all that matters fer Freaky Friday.

The first picture amazed us the most, an TBT said it was brighter than it looks in the picture.  We now unnerstand that they are long ropes of little light bulbs, an we have never seen anything like it.  It must scare all the mousies an other critter far away from it.  An WE were a bit scared seein it too!
Apparently, thats not the purpose though.  TBT says it is to celebrate light in this time of longer darkness an fer some more complicated reasons he couldnt explain too well ecept that it involved HOPE and CELEBRATION.  So we decided it was unusual to US but one of those Bein things there is no point in tryin ta figure out.

On another side of the house, they had bunches of constructions of Beins in fancy clothes.
On the other side, they even decorated their fence!Apparently, all this stuff appeared suddenly the day after Turkey Day and will stay up about a month.  At which time the days will start getting longer again and moving toward Spring.