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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Line Of Sight Attention

IZA:  Do you ever just werk ta stay in view of yer Bein?  I sure do.  An it takes effort sometimes.

I want him to be paying attention to me ALL the time, and SOMETIMES he doesnt.  So I have to take actions...

Like gettin next ta the TV.  I KNOW he's looking there!
 I don't care whats ON the TV, but if hes watchin it, it means he is lookin at me too.  Thats important.
 Mebbe I should knock some stuff off the TV shelf.  THAT would get his attention. 
And, hey, just because Marley is sittin on his lap nappin DOESNT mean Im jealous.  Doesnt bother me.  Much.  At All.  OK, some.

Well OK, a LOT!  Argh, I belong there on his lap.  Thats why Im tryin ta get his attention...  I'm not sittin up here just fer my health, ya know...