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Friday, December 12, 2014

Freaky Friday

TBT here today:  I got to thinking about Beins and Cats and Pictures.  We take so many with our digital cameras.  And I remember when it was the more expensive film cameras, and you had to think before taking a picture because it wasn't free to take them.  Which got me wondering about the "before me days".

So I'm trying a slightly fictional timeline going back through the ages.  It may or may not work, but I feel like giving it a try.

1. Today - Took 20 pictures of the cats.  Kept 3.  No cost, so why not?
2. 1990 - Took three pictures of the cats.  It is so hard to get them in a good picture, but the film and developing doesn't cost all THAT much.
3. 1970 - Took a picture of the cats today.  Having them all curled up together was a rare opportunity.  I only have 3 shots left on the roll, and its expensive to get them developed.  A roll of developed film is 2 meals.  But I just HAD to take THIS picture.
4. 1900 - We had a family picture taken by a professional and the youngest was holding the family cat.  So precious.  I think it is the only picture we have of the cat.
5. 1880 - We saw a picture of a rich family in the photographers store window today.  The adults were dressed so fancy and the children were in their best outfits.  The trusted inside family dog was curled up at their feet.  There was a cat standing on the chair next to the mother.  We were all amazed by that, and commented on it.
6. 1740 - Girl and Cat painting...  Paintings take time and effort.
7. Ancient -  Cat sculpture.  (whitespace below part of the image).  Cats loved enough to spent the time to sculpt their images...

8.  Prehistory - Before writing, cats were acknowledged.  I would like to think, before even drawing.  Granted, mostly as fierce dangers.  But I bet there is some prehistory cave drawing of a loved domesticated cat somewhere to the found...  And even if cats back then were only appreciated as rodent-killers, I'll bet "some" child held a lost kitten in her arms "somewhere" and wondered at the sound of kitten-purring in this, the darkest month of the year...  And gave one small rare scrap of meat to her baby cat when the adults were not watching.  Starting a pattern that would continue through the ages.