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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Tree Day

AYLA:  It is holiday tree day here and we have never seen that before.  TBT was talking about it and we WERE wondering about all the sealed boxes he brought into the Living Room. 

We are worried a bit.  The first thing he did was move our cat trees away from each other.  Apparently the new tree takes some space.  But also, we are worried about the size of the tree.  The trees we know of are REAL HUGE.  We're not sure how one could fit.  Mebbe he just uses the top of one...

But he says it will fit, unchopped, an he's usually right about stuff like that.

We cant wait ta see what happens later today.   Heck, I've been here almost 6 whole years an I've never seen a tree in the house.  An I'm the eldest kitteh in the house. 

But here is an odd thing.  Marley says he saw one once.  He says there was one in the first place he lived after the shelter briefly before he came here forever.  We sometimes forget he lived annywhere before but he did live with a really nice Bein right at this time of year when he was a kitten.  So mebbe he did see a house tree once. 

We will hafta compare opinions later...