Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Tree Delay

We're not havin great luck on the Holiday Tree.  First, TBT spent a lot of Caturday just moving stuff around and cleaning.  We told him it dint need anny cleaning, but that was cuz we dint want the sucky machine turned on.  By the time he finally had made room fer the Holiday Tree, he was too tired ta set it up.

So he got at that after lunch today, and oh wow was he surprised!  He opened the box expecting to find a tree where he just folded the branches down an evrything would be good ta go ecept hanging a few special ornaments and the bubble lights. 

WE were upset cuz it dint SMELL like a tree.  Well, he dint tell us it would, but he dint say it woundnt either, and what WOULD ya espect a tree ta smell like ecept a TREE?

The problem seems ta be as iffen we had ta construct our own toy mousies.  There is a lotta werk involved.  Like bending 12 bazillion branches and twigs into position...  So he is gonna decide tomorrow whether ta keep or return it.  OUR view is that he is welcome ta return it.  Iffen it doesnt smell like a tree, WE arent innerested.

TBT has some thoughts on his own blog that dont really apply ta us cats, so we will leave that ta HIM!  Cavebear's Lair