Thursday, December 18, 2014

I love blogger

TBT here.  I really DO love Blogger.  But it is not the only place to blog and they better realize that.    I EXPECT that Blogger  better understand that.

The problem is that Blogger doesn't ASK us about the sudden changes they make, and they should.  A little explanation for reasons ahead of time would go a long way, right?

Just saying why there was going to BE a change would matter and asking for thoughts ABOUT the PROPOSED changes would help.. .

Looking at it another way,  you can assume that Blogger has a reason to exist.  That reason is the community it serves.  And IF it sees a reason to serve a community of "us", then OUR opinions should matter "some" to "them".

I want to know, I DEMAND to know, what is going to change before it happens.  I might just possibly have some insights to the changes before they happen....  The fastest way to kill a site is to ignore the needs and opinions of the participants.  Ask the managers of sites that no longer exist...

I think I might just learn about Wordpress.  Are you listening Blogger?  I like you.  I'm used to you.  But I CAN learn new systems.

Heard much from Alta Vista lately?    Blackberry?  And Oh my goodness where IS my Commodore computer these days? Oh, thats right, it went into the trash 20 years ago at least.  I hated it when it happened, but I DID move on...

The Big Thing

OK, THAT does it!

Now we not ONLY have to type some numbers in a box properly, now we have to ALSO check ANOTHER BOX just to leave a comment to our friends?  We are getting tired of this nonsense.

We are leavin until 2015 ta see if the SYSTEM gets fixed better than it is right now.

We think blogspot is takin the easy way out for them that puts all the effort on us.  We think it should be the other way around.

And we don't say this easy.  We normally get 50 visitors a day and the past couple weeks we got to 80.  We LIKED that! Made us feel GREAT!

See ya later... We HOPE...