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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Tree

IZA:  Well, I watch TBT at this sort of stuff more that Ayla or Marley do.  What can I say?  His odd action fascinate me.

I'll leave it to him to expalain all the steps of setting up the fake tree, but I will show you the ornaments.  THEY fascinate me.  Whappable stuff...

But he told me most of that stuff is old, new-valuable, or gifts from Beins-Who-Have-Gone-Before.  MOUSIES!  He can take the fun out of whapping stuff.  But he says this stuff really IS special and he sure tosses me enough toys to make the tree-stuff "off limits".

Urk.  Would I be losing "cat-points" iffen I agreed not to break the nice stuff.  Anything I break, I wont see next year.  An since they ARE sparkley, I WOULD like ta see them again.  Its a dilemma!

So I agreed not to whap off anything lower than the cat ornament.  Well, I GOTTA respect the cat ornament.  I may have been tricked though.  There ISNT anything hanging on the tree lower than the cat ornament...

But a deal is a deal.  And as a practical matter, TBT  pointed out that any broken glass would probly get in MY paws not his and iffen my paws got any glass, it would be STRAIGHT to the VET for me.  Mousies!  He sure knows how ta bargain sometimes. 

Marley an Ayla said they had already agreed not ta mess with the decorations.  He said he would give them some plastic ones ta whap around.  He dint offer that ta ME.

Oh Bast, I'm a poor negotiator...  THIS TIME!

Well, at least I get ta show you some pictures of the decorated tree.  (And THEY don't, NYA, NYA, NYA)


 OK, wholly CARP...  I never saw annything like THAT before...  I fell over.

Ya gotta go to  HERE

UPDATE:  Wait til you see the closeups tomorrow!  I could really only see the ones close to the floor, before, ya know, but TBT held me up to see the others higher up (and a good safe paw reach away - darn).  O...M...COD!  There are Hummingbirds and Butterflies...

Marley an Ayla came inna the room and THEY fell right over too. 

We have all agreed we GOTTA get one of those Cardinals, and a Hummingbird...