Saturday, March 28, 2015

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  I dont usally spend much time on TBTs lap.  Im kinna twitchy an restless.  An when TBT shifts anny, I hop off unlike Marley and Iza who dont mind much.

But Marley was there, so I hopped up.  He used his tail ta encourage me ta stay...
Its a nice place ta look around from.
And I ALLUS wanna know where Iza is...
 She wasnt annywhere in the room!
 I even double-checked.
So I could relax real good next to Marley 
 And be nice an warm on TBT.
But guess who peeked up?
And looked fer some room.
We both told her there wasnt anny more room (although TBT said he would sure love ta get a picture with all 3 of us up there).  
Thankfully, she left fer a bigger space.  TBT decided ta give us both head scritchies at the same time. 
But ta do THAT, he hadda put down the camera...  So that was it fer the pictures.


  1. You sure did make me smile, you two!

  2. Ayla, glad to see you were able to enjoy some time on TBT's warm lap. You are wise to keep tract of where Iza is. You never know when she might decided to have a hissy fit at you. Even I find her laser light eyes a bit intimidating. I think if TBT's lap would need to be a little larger to accommodate all 3 of you kitties. Maybe TBT can figure out how to expand his lap square footage since it is in such high demand. Of course, Marley would always need to have the middle spot so he can play referee for you & Iza. Scritches are much more important than taking pictures aren't they.

  3. Those are great photos! I love the tail curled around you :)

  4. Marley has got a very friendly tail. Three on TBT's lap would be very crowded.

  5. Isn't Marley wonderful? Just a warm kind of chap. As for Iza ... well the least said the better.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. That was such a wonderful LapFest!

  7. A Double and almost a triple. If TGT was as fluffy as my Mommy, yous all could sit there, if there was not a computer on it all the time.
    Looking good guys!

  8. That was one big kitty pile on TBT's lap!

  9. What excellent snuggle time! We hope you both enjoyed those scritchies.

  10. What a relief that Iza decided not to try to join you guys, at least this time!

  11. Mowzers, all three of you in one human's lap? Yeah we have the same problem over here!

  12. Your TBT has a nice big lap! Comfy...our pawppy has one of those laps where we can just sink into it, MOL!! Like Santa Paws, OMC!! Good thing he is in bed now...meowmy helped us type our dictations, tonight...


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