Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my garden tour!  I dont have too much in bloom this week, but there are SOME things to enjoy.

First, we can head out past the birdfeeder where the mousie holes are thickest.  Its not likely that there will be one out, but ya never know...

The daffodils are all gone now, but there are some Tulips among the Nip plants.
The Apple trees are blooming.  We wont get anny apples cuz the Evil Skwerls steal them when they are still green.  But the flowers are nice.
There are some nice birdies ta watch too.
The Saucer Magnolia flowers are about all gone, but they are still pretty.
Now, lets go lay on the lovely soft petals on the lawn.  We will have some more chickie-livers and nibble some fresh Nip, and then roll around on the petals...

Thank you for coming on my Garden Tour this week!


  1. Oh my those petals on the ground look so lovely. WE could run and play and jump and throw them all over!

  2. Yes, I'll roll around in those petals - -- fun fun fun! Feels so good on the furs too. You have some very nice things blooming already. Our northern magnolia tree is blooming, but that is it. Will take another week or two before other things start in. It's still cold up here in the north.

  3. Those petals look lovely for rolling on. We don't have much blooming here apart from the azaleas. The daffodils are finished now. The tree with the long dangly lilac flowers which mum can't for the life of her remember it's name even though she mentioned it only 15 minutes ago, will very soon be in flower.

  4. Wisteria! She remembered as soon as she hit publish.

  5. That is a fabulous garden tour, Iza - not just 'some' but 'lots' of things to enjoy. Thank you.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Thanks for the tour- beautiful.

  7. Wow, look at all of the petals that have fallen on the lawn! Talk about making things festive for spring.

  8. How nice to have all those soft petals to lie on!

  9. What a pretty tree! We like the yellow birdie, too.

  10. You got pink confetti from the trees. You are weeks ahead of us.

  11. Your yard is really beginning to look good! Ours is still kinda boring...though our magnolia tree did bloom.

  12. Lovely to see all the pretty blooms in your garden!
    Did some creatures have a wedding? Is that why all the petals are decorating the ground?? Have a great roll in them by the way!

    We had frost here last night, and a lot of our things that ere in bud may suffer on account of that.

    The rain and hard winds we had earlier about took away the bluebells and daffodils...sigh...


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