Monday, April 20, 2015

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  It rained real hard last night, but that was good.  Heavy rain erodes the mousie holes a bit.  Then when they come out of the ones they are actively using, they repair them some.  So the "freshened-up' ones are practically an "I'm Down Here" sign.  VERY considerate of them, I say...

This spot is one of the best locations in the yard, which is why you often see Iza and Me around there.  Its right under the birdie feeder and the mousies love the seeds that fall down!  That square thing is an old heat pump support pad and they dig holes right at the edges.
Its nice to know just which holes ta stick a paw into or just sit and watch!  Its a bit early in the day for them ta come out, but I want to memorize which ones are active.  I'll have a better chance later today just before TBT calls us in for the evening.


  1. Good luck- hope your evening hunt goes well.

  2. You are a very intelligent Mancat indeed to know all of that about mousie holes. I didn't realise that there was so much to learn.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. I hope you get lots of mousies Marley. The mousies here are getting active building their nests under the long grass.

  4. You sure know a lot bout mousie holes, Marley!

    Happy Mancat Monday.

  5. Do your bird seeds fall on that big, white thing instead of in the grass where they sprout? Happy hunting, Marley!

  6. We hope you get some mousies, Marley.

  7. Rain. Ah, we remember that.


    Anytime, Iza-Lambie!

  8. I hope you let us know how successfur you were!
    Have a great hunt!

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  10. Way to goes Marley! Mes hopes yous has marvelous luck and gets at least ebenty sillion of them!


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