Sunday, May 24, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

We were up and around kinna early today, so TBT didnt get the usual kind of Easy Like Sunday pictures.  But at lunch we (Marley and Iza) were eatin together as we usually do (Ayla prefers her meals in high spots in the bedroom.  TBT got this picture (the flashie was off)...
He says calmly crossed tails like that ought to be symbolic of SOMETHING nice, and it might as well be EASY.


  1. Well, X marks the spot of....gas? Sorry. We couldn't help it. The pic is adorable. The human loves it when we sit butt-to-butt or otherwise cosy up. Crossed tails don't happen often, though!

  2. Makes a mommy (or daddy)'S heart melt.

  3. That is a wonderful tail crossing Easy!

  4. Iza's tail is on top, is she the dominant cat?

  5. Mes thinks it means they LOVES each other!

  6. Wonderful pic of you today. Pity the flashy was off - otherwise it would have be quite spectacular.

    Sydney, Australia

    PS. What's this 'lunch' business, anyway? Aren't cats supposed to get fed only twice a day - brekkie and dinner? If you get lunch, then all I can say is that you have got TBT well trained, haven't you!

  7. TBT is indeed well-trained! We get fed FOUR times a day. Sometimes even 5 iffen he loses track (and he does). But never more per day. In the morning, he takes out 4 cans of food for us 3 and he distributes it as we beg. But in the evening, he knows we have had plenty , so he saves the rest for just before bedtime.

    It IS good to go to bed with a full tummy.

    He weighes us too, each weekend, just to make sure we are holding our weight and satisfied at it.

    I (Marley) feel fit at 12.5 pounds, Iza seems best at 11.5 pounds (well at that weight, she doesn't try to steal everyone elses food TOO fast), and Ayla has grown to 7.5 pounds and stays there no matter how much food is available.

    Me and Ayla eat only what we need, so we are the easy ones. Iza has this compulsive eating habit and would eat a whole pig iffen she could hold it in (and she cant). So TBT has to watch HER.

    Iffen it was just Ayla an Me, we could have food available all day with no problem. Iza is on the see-food diet; can't see food an not eat it (and you can guess what happens when she eats too much)...

    So smaller amounts for all of us more often each day...

  8. You just need some o's to go with that x and you will have love kisses and hugs!!


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