Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Caturday

AYLA:  First, I want to thank everyone who came to my birthday pawty!  It was the BEST EVER with SO MANY friends coming to celebrate!  I am touched...

IZA:  Well you ARE a bit "TOUCHED" Ayla, in some ways...

AYLA:  HEY!  This is MY "thank you", don't introod!  I can still drop on you from atop the cat tree when yer not lookin!

IZA:  Ok, OK...

AYLA:  So as I was saying, thank you all for coming and I will remember this day for weeks at least.  It was a great day.  Every one of you who came were appreciated.  And I think I mentioned evrykitty who visited or posted at the time.  Iffen I missed anyone, I really apologize.

And BTW, the question about the oddest thing in the cartoon at the start of my birfday post?  I think it was the eyeball unner the table, followed by the slice of blueberry pie unner the couch.  But did ya notice that the guy sitting on the couch looked like Robin Williams?  Seriously, go look HERE

Being 8 is great!

I am up and around again (after recoverin) fer 2 full days.  The deck rails are good ta be on. 

And I am feeling mebbe 5 again...  Life is GOOD!


  1. You are in the prime of life, Ayla and looking great!

  2. Mom always reads that cartoonists works so she knew the pie was there already but she did see the eyeball too. Now that you mention it. he DID look like Robin Williams.

  3. You don't look a day over 3 :) And wow, I didn't notice that in the cartoon until you pointed it out.

  4. That was quite the pawty! I'm so glad you had a grand time!

  5. That was a great pawty and you sure do look great too Ayla!

  6. Awwww dang we missed it! Many happy returns and we know this year will be a great one!

  7. You look great, and that was a wonderful pawty ! Purrs

  8. And yous looks like a young girl cat too!

  9. Glad you are recovered and ready fur all kinds of kitty action again!

  10. Oh dear Ayla! Because of my stoopy Human I missed your pawty (well, at least you're not Iza--I think she'd hire a Hit Cat to, you know, take me out. Erase me from the Universe). I think you are kinder and more forgiving, purrhaps? I do hope you had a great birfday with lots of good fudz and games. You are verry pretty girl and you don't look a day over four :-)

    Iza-Lambie, How I have missed you and longed for your silken tum! Perhaps you will forgive me as I have so little control over the Human--I thought she'd be better after graduation, but of course now she must snoopervise summer school--what's next? Will she run for mayor? Can I come over soon??

    Well, I hope you all have planned a fantastic cozy day with TBT on Father's Day. He's just about the best Cat-Daddy around, don't you think? Oh, and Hi Marley--don't mean to ignore you, Pal--just that these girl cats need much more tending to than we mancats, right? You must be an eggspert by now!!

  11. Beautiful pics of you Ayla, glad you are recovering from your fabulous party!


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