Thursday, July 23, 2015

Answer Day Thursday

Well, we don't have any new flowers ta show today, an we have got some questions in the comments, so we thought we would give this a try.  An TBT is included.  And the picture of him is at the end...

MARLEY:  Flynn's Bein briefly thought I was him in a recent post.  I am proud to be mistaken for such a great cat.  Well, that wasn't actually a QUESTION, but we are trying to get into this...

TBT:  15 and Meowing discovered my Cavebear's Lair blog and asked how I could do 2 blogs.  Well, I don't really.  Cavebear's Lair is a bit random and covers stuff "Not The Cats".  Sometimes it goes blank for weeks.  It started as a political blog, but went into projects.  Sometimes it is just me blowing off steam.

IZA:  Ducky saw dead leafs on our deck an wondered "You got all those deaded leaves already? "  Well, we have this HUGE oak tree over the deck and branches fall, the Evil Skwerls break some off, and sometimes I think the tree is Evil too and just throws stuff at us.  But the result is that branches fall on the roof and deck and the leafs turn dedded-looking even in Summer.

MARLEY:  Summer saw me looking in the deck door at Iza and said "Marley, I just think you like to annoy Iza! ".  I never deliberately annoy Iza.  It causes too much trubbles.  Annoying Iza is Ayla's past-time.  Im too nice ta do that.

TBT:  Megan asked "No whapping allowed? How come? You guys are allowed to whap birds and skwirls and mousies and all sorts, so why not the flutterbys?" Well, we like flutterbys and they don't annoy us.  They are pretty, from the large black, orange, or yellow ones, to the tiny little orange "painted ladies".  Moths, on the other hand and fair game for The Mews.  And they know the difference.  Don't ask me how,  but they do.

AYLA:  Angel Prancer Pie asked "You kittehz have been battling it out for TBT's lap all week, haven't you?!?"  Yeah, we allus compete fer laptime.  TBT is generous with it, but he cant sit still with all of us pushin an shovin while he is tired and weary.  But he allows all he can.  An upcoming post will show one of of us each on each chair arm and one below.  We can usually manage ta get 2 on him at a time in SOME way.

MARLEY:  Cara N Crew mentioned "Marley! you know, you must have kept your little smudgie a good secret cause we don't think we've seen it or noticed it before."  Well, it hasn't been ezactly a secret, but it's not "my good side" an TBT has trubble catching me that side..  There will be an upcoming post about that.

MARLEY:  Marilia Baveresco asked "Are you tired???" (looking at me doing the monorail on TBTs computer chair).  No, it is fat at the top and really comfy.  And it keeps me close to TBT when he is at the computer...

AYLA:  15 and Meowing (and others) have asked why I'm not allus in the "group pictures" on Easy Sunday and some other days where you see Iza and Marley mostly.  As in "Where was Ayla? "  I tend to stay quietly in the bedroom, out on the deck rails, or with TBT when the others are outside.  Sometimes its hard being the small cat in the house.  Im happy here though.

IZA:  Sometimes Cats Herd You asked "Caladiums don't survive the winter up there?"  I had mentioned that TBT brought out a few planters of Caladiums stored in the basement over the Winter.  Yeah, they dont survive soil temperatures below 55-60F (15-16.5C), so he tried to save them last year without digging them up.  Most survived.  Purrsonally, I think it was a lot of effort, but Marley loved curling up in the planter pots.  So HE thinks it was a great idea.

TBT:  We get frequent questions about why Iza is so smitten with Spitty.  I can't answer that; she just IS.  Marley, Ayla, and I have no explantion.  While we are all unique, Iza seems to be "uniquer".  She desires Spitty with every whisker and fur.  Go figure...

MARLEY:  Megan asked (when I said I was so comfy in my hammick), "What about on the big watery bed with TBT? I would have thought that was better than a night in the hammick!"  Well, sure, WHEN TBT is in the waterybed.  But when Iza has TBT lap and he is sitting in the TV chair, the waterybed is lonely.  From the hammick, I can see TBT and hearan see all that is goin on.  That's good too.  And sometimes, TBT never does go to the bed at night abd just stays up.

TBT:  And finally, Megan posted "It's (almost) a TBT Toesies day: take off your shoes TBT and let's see 'em!".  Well, OK, if you insist...
That's why I wear shoes.  Though it IS hard to stuff my feet in them.  I go for size 15 Triple G when I can find them.


  1. Well, thank you one and all for all that background information and for filling in so many gaps in your stories.

    As for TBT's toes - well! What can I say? It's little wonder that he keeps his shoes on even inside the house. Yick!!!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. MOL!! Bwahahahahahahah!!
    Love those toesies !! Bear feet to be exact, or maybe the summered style of the Abominable Snowman!! Or a Yedi??

  3. These all were great answers... but I loved seeing TBT's toesies the best!

  4. MOL! Nice footsies TBT! But I think it's time to shave your toes! hee hee
    As to the question about being smitten with Spitty... WHO isn't??? Rawr! MOL
    Loved all of your answers!

  5. Wow those toesies are getting furrier and furrier!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We enjoyed all of those answers and those toesies are something!

  7. Those were some good answers and we got a good laff over them bear pawsies.

  8. Hahaha Iza vocĂȘ tem um forte concorrente para o dia Toesies!

  9. Great post and I love the ? that Marley's tail is shaped like. I guess I ask a lot of questions- thanks for answering :)

  10. That was a great idea to answer all those questions! TBT has the best ever furry toesies!!

  11. MOL at those toesies! Great shot!

  12. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!!! Yous guys sure knows how to makes mes laughs and Mommy just about choked to deths when she saw TBT's feets!!!!
    Wes sends kisses to ALL of yous! Especially TBT!

  13. MOL, we learnt something new about each of you.


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