Sunday, July 26, 2015

Easy Like Sunday, Not

AYLA:  I have ta admit that we haven't been together on the cat trees like we used to.  TBT says we just arent kittens anymore.
So we thought we should at least be in the same pictures near them.
Treats WERE involved...
It feels odd fer ME not ta have the High Ground...  But Iza got up there first.
On the other paw, I have the top of the ESS, and THAT feels like High Ground.  As long as I don't look UP .

You ever have days like this?


  1. Take care, Ayla in case Iza decides she wants to be on the ESS as well!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. We have days like that too but that tree would be pretty popular here!

  3. Yup, all too often around here.
    Sometimes the only time we are together is when we all pile on the bed with mom.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. There's only one cat allowed up on the cat tree in our house too.

  5. We only use our cat tree one at a time too - unless we are playing!

  6. My mum says there are lots of things I don't do now I am older, and places I don't go any more. It was good of you all to get in the same picture though.

  7. Todos os dias!!
    Sempre disputamos por lugares altos.

  8. Nice to see all 3 of you. You should use those trees more often- does Dad sprinkle fresh nip on them?

  9. Mommy just about fell over when all 3 of us was at the door at the same time! Before shes could gets the camera, wes split!!
    TBT is lucky!

  10. Yep, we've had days like this. You gotta be quicker next time, Ayla, so you can get the top of the tree.

  11. well, for us, that is everyday :) If our mom can get three of us in a photo frame it has to be a cold day somewhere way far down below... and we don't mean Australia...

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie

  12. Three in one frame is quite the accomplishment!

  13. We often play together on the same cat tree, but we sleep one at time on the cat tree. Purrs


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