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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Week - Sunday Again

And here we all are, together.
Not a pile of kittens...
But adult kittehs calm with each other...
Sharing space...
An all getting along.
Thus ends our week of Easy Like Sunday.
An we hope you all enjoyed it!
 This is more a common sight than you may have thought.
We just dont get pictures of it all that often.
But we love each other...
An thats what counts.
 Even iffen TBT does try ta shift his feets a bit from time to time, we (usually) put up with it.
Cuz we really DO like each others company!


  1. This would never happen here - mainly because there's not enough of my human for three cats!

  2. That a terrific bunch of Kitty Pile happy!

  3. This would never happen in our house!
    We tolerate each other but there is some tension from Miss Boo of all cats towards the rest of us.

  4. Sweet photos of happy kitties ! Purrs

  5. It is lovely to see you all friendly and together.

  6. Very sweet photos of all 3 of you together.

  7. I hope TBT had some good books to read this week while you spent hours and hours napping on his lap.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. What a sweet way to end or begin a week! Thank you for visiting when we lost our Julie, it was comforting to hear from all our old friends. We feel badly we didn't write before but our hearts hurt too much. Purrs & headbonks!!

  9. Enjoy your EASY Sunday!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. It sure looks like you all enjoyed your week of easy. :)

  11. Awww love love love it! Love seeing kitties who like to be close!

  12. Oh you sweetest of kitties! My mom was enchanted and frankly I myself was too.

  13. It was great to see all of you at one time, in one place...the comfy pace at that!


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