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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Toesie Tuesday

AYLA:  Ya dont see ME much on Toesie Tuesday, do ya?  Thats because, as a Princess, I normally curl up demurly with all my paws in their proper places an my tail wrapped around them.

Well, I was on TBTs lap, curled up all properly as I said,  when he shifted his legs slightly.  Being deeply asleep, I sank a bit into the new lap and my paws all slipped around.

He SHOULD have woke me up an told me, but naturally his first thought was ta take a picture an let my PURRSONAL dignity wait...  
A little part of my sleepy-brain must have known though.  Ya can see my claws were coming out about the mild disorder of my position.  But it wasnt enough ta wake me up.
At least I had a nice long nap...


  1. Ayla you hae purrfectly wonderful toes!
    OH darn that flashy beast!!!

  2. You look cute all bundled up there Ayla. It is a good view of all your lovely toesies.

  3. Allie" *sigh* Humans just don't understand the need for propriety sometimes....

  4. You have very nice toesies- glad we got to see them :)

  5. You look adorable with your legs all going here and there!

  6. It is very nice to see your happy toesies!

  7. We're glad you showed us your toesies today, Ayla.

  8. As I was reading, Ayla, and came to be part about TBT moving, my immediate thought was, 'How dare he!'. But, you know, I'm wondering whether he sat quietly, plotting and scheming how to move - how far and in what direction - to create a disorderly pile up of your legs and toesies. Once he'd figured out what he needed to do, I reckon that he probably picked up his camera and had it to hand before he made his move. He's a bit like that, you know! That said, the result was worth it, and I really don't think you need to be at all concerned about any loss of dignity. No one is laughing at you - we're all too absorbed admiring your gorgeous toesies.

    See ya next Tuesday perhaps?

    Sydney, Australia

  9. Those chocolate-colored toesies are fabulous!


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