Sunday, September 20, 2015

Commenty AnswerDay Sunday

We are taking today again to answer questions and comments from past posts...

1.  15 and Meowing commented:  “I miss our sedum- dang moles ate them”.

Dont blame the moles.  They only eat underground insects (mostly grubs).  Its VOLES that eat plant roots and they are related to mousies.

 2.  MeezerMews commented “Our sedum are getting very red, but in the biggest bunch of them someone or something squashed the central so they are all down...shucks, next year we shall try again to keep the upright”.

Ours would fall over too.  But TBT makes a 2’ circle of that 2”x3”x2’ vinyl-coated wire sold at big-box stores.  It holds the sedum stems up.

3.  Summer asked “Iza, how do you manage to look so sweet?”

It takes werk!  I practice a lot in front of the baffroom mirror til I get it all just right. 

 4. Megan said “Now now Iza - there's no need to be rude about TBT's skin. Have you forgotten that he is in charge of opening the cans of stinky goodness?”

We consider that HE lives with US at our forebearance.  He does seem to have some simple instinct about opening cans of food, for which we tolerate his clumsy presence.

 5.  Flynn said  (regarding me [Marley] getting up on Ayla’s private windersill) “Tell her you went up to check it was still safe for her.”

I did that Flynn, and she BOUGHT it!  Wow, thanks fer the suggestion!!!

 6.  Whiskeratti said “Such nice kitteh trees!”

Yeah, we’re pretty lucky.  Two big trees together near the double winders what look out front an another TBT made what is just platforms looking out another winder.  And the deck what looks out over the backyard.

 7.  Megan commented (about our catch of the skink) “Oooh, ick!”.

Well, we weren’t asking YOU ta eat it, MOL!  Ta us, it tastes like frog.  Mebbe chicken, an we LIKE chicken.  Ya eat shrimps?  Theyre basically insects, ya know...

 8.  “Faraday: *awed look* You guys get the COOOOOOOOLEST TOYS!”

YUP!  Nature provides...

 9.  15 and Meowing commented “Ick. Why would you want to eat that [skink]when you have good food to eat?”

Variety is the spice of life.  TBT has yet ta provide us “wet food” canned lizard at dinnertime.  So we find our own.  And besides, iffen it moves, it is probaly edible.  Grasshoppers are tasty (and crunchy) too.

Hope ya all enjoyed...

The Mews


Megan said...

Thanks for all this additional info - always good to have. As for TBT - I appreciate that he is Staff and I concede that you treat him very well. But he does have feelings and my concern is that if you make too many rude comments about him, he might simply resign and then who would open the stinky goodness?

He can't help it that his legs are pastey pale and not covered with fur. I think you need to be especially kind to him, not laugh at his misfortune.

Sydney, Australia

Summer at said...

Cool answers! And thanks for answering mine, Iza!

Mr Puddy said...

Pretty Cool answers , Miss
Me have da same idea as you # 9 !
Yep Variety is the spice of life !!!


Brian said...

Those really were great answers to some very cool questions!

Pretinha said...

Vocês me fizeram rir.
Bom domingo!

Flynn said...

Glad my suggestion worked Marley!
I have never had skink, we don't get them here, but there is nothing better than eating something you caught yourself.I like crunchy grasshoppers too, especially later in the year when they are bigger (and tastier)

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I guess I comment a lot :) I should say damn voles! And still ick about the skink. :)

The Island Cats said...

We love the follow-up, guys!

Maxwell Faraday Richman said...

Coooooolio! Thanks for the followup guys!

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

We shall have to tell meowmy to make a support like that. Thank mew!!