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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  It was a rare moment of sisfurly peace...  Well, OK, there was some paw-reaches (whaps that dint connect, but were warnings).  But I dint leave the tree an Iza decided ta just sit.
It was actally a bit nice.  Iza was close but JUST far away enough fer comfort.
An somethin got our attention...
Marley was making a try for a platform.  Now normally, I would encourage that.  I get along with Marley just GREAT (like 90% of the time).  So he was clawing his way up the posts...  Iza was watchin carefully though.  She DINT want Marley up in the tree.
So a bit reluctantly, in sisfurly support, I told Marley not ta come up (he will forgive me later when I esplain while licking his headfurs smooth).  Iza was a bit taken by surprize by my support.  *Sigh*, sometimes I do things just ta keep her calm, ya know?  Besides, it confuses her when I take her side, and that can be enjoyable.  So Marley sat on the windowsill.
Which got him more sunlight than WE were getting, so that werked out.  And it got us all in the same picture, which allus makes TBT happy.
An dont ya just LOVE the slightly confoosed look on Izas face?  She doesnt even know where Marley IS yet...


  1. You two girls really look terrific in the tree together. Hey Marley, it's okay pal.

  2. We think it's great you all worked it out and everyone was happy.

  3. Poor Marley - but worth it for that look on Iza's fizzog!

  4. You 3 are so cute. That look is pretty funny on Iza's face. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog about Lucy.

  5. You managed it very well in order to make everyone happy ! Purrs

  6. Marley looks a little put out to be stuck on the windowsill! I don't know why, I think it's the best spot.

  7. Poor Marley, he doesn't realise he ended up with the best sunspot. Iza does look confused wondering where he got to.

  8. I don't know why Iza has to be so ungenerous - there was plenty of room on the tree for Marley.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. That was smart of Marley to not take the platform. Now peace reigns. Happy Sunday!

  10. Something about two's company but three's a crowd??
    Way to go getting all of you on the same image. Try that here...well, um the third pawrty here is a canine...sigh...


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