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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Caturday

AYLA:  What, this bothers you?  I love it.  Heights dont bother me a bit.
The view is GRAND!  In all directions, too...  And Iza never bothers me out here.  She gets dizzy looking down from a table, ya know?
Personally, I think the Evil Skwerls are disturbed when they see me out here watchin them like this.  And thats GOOD!


  1. Humans don't understand how good it is to sit somewhere like that. When I used to climb the tall trees, I would go right out to the ends of the branches to give my mum a fright.

  2. That looks like a fun place to be to me! Hey, you could use that next year for Meow Like a Pirate Day and you could be walking the plank MOL!

  3. Ayla you are one brave girl!!!

  4. Taht is an amazing look out: Äiti is dizzy already but we are in awe.

  5. Ha Ha! I think squirrels are the evilest! And I too like to be a watcher in strange places!
    Thanks for coming and wishing me Happy Birthday! Mommy posted on her new blog about it! She says she will try to blog about us...if she gets some pictures.
    If you want, you can visit here -

  6. I think that is an awesome perch! Binga and I would love it - Boodie couldn't be trusted with it, MOL!

  7. Hmmm, Minko would be the furst of the two of us to try that...and our Angel Groucho fur sure would have!

    Pawsome view ya got there...can you ambush the down below??

  8. That's a pawsome place to look around ! Purrs

  9. Oh yes, we think disturbing the ebil squirrels is a GOOD thing!

  10. Whoa, Ayla! for a minute there we wondered if Marley and Iza were makin you walk the plank!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie

  11. You are very brave Ayla.

  12. Wowza - did TBT add that perch on the decking especially for you? It looks a little bit frightening. No wonder that Iza won't try it.

    Sydney, Australia


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