Friday, October 23, 2015

Feline Friday Poll

OK, we are feeling odd about this.  It is the poll we set up last Monday but deleted.  We thought we insulted Megan (a great friend of all us cats) but we were wrong.  She was happy.  We thought "chuffed" was a bad werd.  We should have asked TBT ta tell us about it...

So we are redoing it.  And posting the previous comments so those don't have to be redone, but ya can add or change iffen ya want.

The poll was basically (from our imperfect memory):

Megan had a cat.
She doesn't have one now.
She loves us cats...
She should have one.

The poll is:

A.  Megan should get a cat.
B.  Megan should get a small kangaroo.
C.  Megan should remain catless.
D.  Megan should get a Flatcat
E.  Megan should start a blog pretending she has a cat.
F.  Megan should start a blog talking about cats.
G.  None of the above.

The previous comments were:

1.  "Megan here! I have had cats in the past and loved them. I consider myself to be a Cat Person. Woofies? Waste of oxygen and smelly to boot.

The last cat I had was the Cat of a Lifetime. He died when he was only 2 1/2 years old and it hurt. Since then, I haven't felt the need to have another cat. There are various reasons. Visiting a number of cat blogs everyday does help fill the void - in fact, it helps enormously. I thank all the cats whose blogs I visit for enriching my life.

So, there's no point voting 'A', 'cos it ain't gonna happen. TBT's reference to the small kangaroo is that he knows that I live close to a national park here in Sydney and our garden - well, I should say 'yard' - is visited several times a week by wallabies, who munch every new shoot in sight. Makes it impossible to have a nice garden. But, the wallabies are wild, and trying to keep one as a pet would be a challenge. LOL

I don't feel as though I AM catless, 'cos I'm sharing the lives of a number of cats on their blogs - without the downsides of fishy-breath kisses in the morning, litter trays (ugh!) and cat fur on everything in the house. I do miss purrs and cuddles though.

Flatcat - hmmmm. Doesn't appeal I'm afraid.

A blog talking about cats? Well, I think that would grow tired and boring very quickly and readership would dwindle to zero within a month.

None of the above is probably the way I'm gonna go - provided I'm still a welcome visiting on your blogs.

Thank you for your thoughts on my behalf.

Sydney, Australia”

2.   "Megan's mother here..........all that she has written is correct, but to be honest, she is pretty chuffed to think that she has been featured on your blog ( I'll get into trouble for that comment!)

Noela Sydney Australia”

3.  “Meezer Mews...Awww, sorry you lost your kitty so young, Miss Megan.

We think since you 'know' about kitties you should feel free to comment...and we welcome your interesting and thought provoking comments!

Maybe sometime a new kitty will decide to have you as his/her mom, they can be like that you know...they are choosy!

Our pawrents had some strays eons of years ago that chose them...but that was long before our time…”

4.  “Summer… Megan, you are always welcome to come visit me! Although I do think you should have a cat. I know my human could never be without one, even though she lost her soul cat 13-1/2 years ago. She's still happy she has us, plus Binga and Boodie are rescues, plus I'm kind of special in my own way.”

5.  “Sometimes Cats Herd You… Megan, there are always cats out there when you're ready to share your life with one. And there are plenty of us to visit in the meantime! Our Aunt O said for years that she didn't want a cat, she had us to visit, then after our grandpeep passed away she had our grandpeep's cat. We expected that Earl would come live with us, but Aunt O is so happy with him that she got another cat to keep him company. Cats work in mysterious ways…”

6.  “Whiskeratti… You are very welcome to visit OUR blog any time. We, too, think you should get a kitteh, but only when you're ready.”

7.  “Flynn… Never say never Megan. When our first cat died it hurt so much we thought we couldn't go through the heartache again. We were without a cat for 5 years until a stray kitten stole our hearts and we knew then what we had been missing. He was the first of many.”

8.  “ Brian… C” 

Now let's pretend we here didn't delete the poll and continue with it...

 Comments and votes please...


Megan said...

Aha! Megan here AGAIN!

I was chuffed to have you conduct the poll. My mother told you that in her comment and neither of us realised that it wasn't a word that many Americans used and when it was used, it meant something negative. In Australian English it means the opposite - I was delighted!

I can't think of a meaningful or interesting way in which I could start a blog pretending that I have cat, but I'm certainly open to all ideas.

Thanks again.

Sydney, Australia

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Hi, Megan! We think yiu would be a fun lady to meet...with or without kitties!!
Meowmy says you have furry intersting views on all things, kitty...we do hope that someday a kitty will choose *you* as his/her purrson:))


Charliepuss said...

Charliepuss from Australia here. Three things:

I suddenly vanished from the blogosphere about 18 months ago, but I did not go to the bridge. Phew! But, I have been pretty sick and me Mum has been busier than a dung beetle in a paddock full of moo cows and more worried than a mousie in a house full of puss cats! So, she hasn't really had the time and brain space to help me blog. Sorry if I worried you all.
2. Megan was soooooooo happy with your original blog post. So much so that she emailed everyone she knew telling them to come by your blog to check it out!
3. Megan should get a cat! Remain true to all puss cats and never accept "no" as the final answer. Keep working on Megan and she will give in. I just know it! I can feel it in me aging bones! Never ever give up, ya hear!


Summer at said...

My human has British friends who use the word chuffed, so we totally know what it means - we didn't realize it was a down under term too!

Thinking more on this poll, there isn't the one answer that I think should be there - I think Megan should go volunteer at a cat rescue! Because she loves cats and she will be helping them be happy until they find good homes. So she would be doing good even while not adopting another kitty.

The Island Cats said...

We would love to have Megan visit us so she can see more cats!

Brian said...

I wouldn't have know what that word means either!

The Whiskeratti said...

You could do a blog as a VIRTUAL cat!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

I thought 'chuffed' was that thing big cats do when they are sniffing the air then blow a big breath out to clear their passages for another sniff... Shows what I know!

I think when the time is right, a kitty will find Megan and she wont have a choice! MOL In the meantime, I agree with Summer, volunteering at a rescue would be a great way to get some cuddles and pets in without having to commit! And it'll make some kitties happy and maybe even more socialized for the people that do adopt them!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Definitely A, I know Megan doesn't want to open her heart to another cat after such a loss, but I am sure she won't regret it. said...

Well we of course fink yous shuld have a cat. Mommy has been fwu da loss fing many times. And each bwoke hers heart. Mommy's not so good wiff peeps relationships and each kitty dat has gwaced hers life has been a heart cat as we unnerstand dat word. Fur mommy it means each kitty has been hers destiny and soul mate. And she was devastated wiff da loss of each. Sissy and me awe hers heart and soul and she never wants to lose us, but alas, we won't be da last ifin God was to call us home. Which she and we hope never happens.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

Just Ducky said...

Mum knows what chuffed means and a lot of other Brit and Aussie slang. She told someone the other day she had everything sorted and they just gave her a funny look.

Plus mum read one from Alfie and Milo's mum "done and dusted", then mum heard a guy use it on the radio (UK radio station). Weird.

Me thinks Megan needs to follow her heart on kitties. Mum's head says she should get another kitty, her heart says no.

Peaches and Paprika said...

We can understand about the decision not to get another cat for a while and also the "Cat of a Lifetime" comment. While all cats are lovable, Sometimes the bond can be very intense with a particular cat. We enjoyed hearing all the comments though, this is a difficult and sensitive but great subject to talk about!

Mariodacat said...

I vote for getting another kitty too. We are so much company to our humans and very good sharing our love, cuddles, purrs, and companionshiip. Think about it.

Katie Isabella said...

I say get a kitty. Not hard to clean the litter boxes. Takes a few seconds each morning to scoop, and a few minutes to rinse out and refill once a week or so. :-)

Come meet me some day and see a Tuxie girl with half a mustache. xxoo