Monday, December 28, 2015

Food Bowl Control

IZA:  Yeah, this is sposed ta be Mancat Monday, but Marley just gives it up sometimes.  I mean, here is the way the feeding usally goes:  I get my bowl, Marley gets his, an Ayla has hers up on the shoe rack where I cant reach.  But Marley can.

So what usally happens is that I eat mine fast, shove my nosie into Marley's bowl, and he goes and eats whatever Ayla hasnt (cuz Ayla eats only what she needs and leaves the rest which Marley finishes off).

Now, TBT isnt dumb.  He knows how the bowl-parade werks, ya know?  I lick MY bowl clean, move into Marley's, and he goes and finishes Ayla's bowl.  I love him to death, but he actally spoons out the food knowing our patterns.  Mine gets less, Marley's gets more an Ayla's gets a LOT more.

How does she NOT just eat everything in her bowl?  I dont get it.  I'm on the old  joke "seafood diet" (I see food I eat it).  An SHE doesnt!  An Marley could eat 10 pounds a day and not gain anny weight!

Mebbe thats why *I* look like this an my nickname is "Pudge"..
and she is all like THIS...

And she is OLDER than me.

Its NOT FAIR!  And that's after TBT WORKED ta get her weight UP from 5.5 to 7 pounds...

TBT says I am gonna haveta go on a diet come 2016.  NO!!!

*I* think my proper weight is about 16 pounds,  with treats!  So I should get MORE foods.

Am I right?  Right?  Or um...  uh, mebbe not?  Girlcats, Spitty, help me out here...


  1. No help from this end, Iza. You're chubby and you know it!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Sorry we can't help you here, Iza! Boodie and Binga are both around 10 lbs., give or take a few ounces, and I am around 7! We are all strictly portion controlled - Binga and Boodie, being older cats, sometimes don't metabolize food as effectively as youngsters like me so occasionally they get extra (and boy, am I jealous about that!).

  3. How awful! Doesn't TBT know you need your noms??

  4. We can't help you. We are all on portion control and even eat in separate rooms to prevent food parades. Ashton is like you, she will eat everyone's food if she gets a chance.

  5. We do have a food-parade here too, twice daily. I think more food is a grand idea!

  6. Balança... inimiga dos humanos e agora dos gatos também!
    Deixando a brincadeira de lado, nós temos um problema parecido,
    Violeta precisa perder peso também, já trocamos a alimentação deles
    todos perderam peso menos a Violeta.

  7. Maybe I can send some of my food to you in a plain paper package and TBT won't know. My mum tries everything to get me to eat more, but I don't have much interest in food nowadays. If I send it to you, she will think I am eating more.

  8. Hey Sister. I think *I* am going to have to diet too< I am perilously close to 14 pounds!!!

  9. I think my Sammy should visit you for a while and then you wouldn't need a diet- he does what you do to the other cats. I think you look perfect the way you are, but for health reasons, TBT will want you to be thinner.

  10. Pipo says he tips the scales at about 15 pounds...and he sways when he saunters through the den...Minko is just over 7 pounds, he used to be just right at about 9...
    Pipo gets rations, Minko gets spoonfed his noms, else he wouldn't eat at all. and Pipo or dog-guy would gobble his up like vacuum cleaners. As it s, MJF Lurks around meowmy during the times Minko gets fed, cause he *knows* there will be spills for him to do clean up patrol on, MOL!

    One of our furbling angel kitties weighed in at 21 he was a fatso...and it was his undoing, too:((
    Ya wanna live long and healthy so stay lithe and svelte, OK??

  11. Iza, Izzy would totally agree with you. He eats like you do and wonders why Elliott never finishes his food. (El also gets food away from the little vacuums.) Izzy has also heard the dreaded D word too!

  12. Even I don't weigh 16 lbs and I'm a big ol' mancat. You may want to reconsider your seafood diet. ;) ~Wally

  13. Um, while I think I should be allowed to weigh 16 pounds, I only weigh 11.5. Im a smaller cat than many think, though I carry a lot on my bones..

  14. Darling, I think you are looking a little on the thin side--are you eating enough??

    Oh, and Butterscotch is the kitty the Human had a brief, illicit affair with over Christmas. YOu can see him here:

  15. I feel you pain, Miss Iza.
    Mom put me on diet for couple month now...It's Torture ! Me have to do leftover ( @ my butt ) over and over to keep myself alive ! ...pain but I do well..Down 1 kg.
    Tip for you : Do more nap, It help you skip thinking about food.

    Enjoy your food before upcoming diet menu !
    Best of luck
    Paw crossed
    Purrs for you

  16. We lady cats of Colehaus Cats think you look scrumptious!

    That said, it has been known to be somewhat embarrassing when one can no longer jump certain heights because one's belly just will not cooperate, said from someone who definitely feels your pain!


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